Glastonbury: 1

by hanfrankie

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This is me (right, and middle) at Glastonbury Festival 2011 with an old friend and her sister’s  mates – one of the most amazing times of my life was at this festival and I’m lucky enough to be going again this year! Are any of you reading this off to a festival soon? Which one?

A few fest tips would be:

1) aside packing everything in a massive expedition rucksack, take a smaller backpack and/or bum bag for when you’re out and about during the day. Sounds obvious but two years ago I didn’t think of it and I was actually jelly of all the bumbags parading around.

2) dry shampoo, baby wipes, loo roll (apparently at Glastonbury fest there’s a field where you can get free loo roll from), anti-bacterial hand gel. Some people take showers, to be honest I didn’t (but neither did the people I was with so I wasn’t totally gross) baby wipes do the trick.

3) obviously wellies

4) a tent.

5) cheap camera & cheap phone. If I had a penny for every time I saw or heard someone complaining that their iPhone was busted I’d be a rich lady. Seriously, it’s not worth it. And it’s kinda sad to be updating facebook/twitter while HAVING THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE.

6) light-weight raincoat -> this bad boy is going to be your best friend. But also make sure you can roll it up small for dry spells. You don’t need the best waterproof Blacks has to offer because you will get wet. You will get muddy. And you will smell a bit. It’s just part of it and you have to embrace it. But everyone needs some sort of water-proof like thing to look like they’re sort of trying, but really the rain just becomes something part of the background.

7) loads of underwear for falling over in mud/monsoon accidents.

8) don’t pack crazy amounts of clothes. Just get a couple of high waisted denim shorts/ dungarees and just alternate cute crops/tops because you’re gonna wanna make room for the alchy-hol.

9) drinks. It’s bare expense at festivals, and you already know that. So get a cute hipflask/robinsons squash bottle(s) (my last best friend) for your spirits. Me and my mates were carrying litres of wine, and I saw others carrying crates of cider and beer so don’t worry, you won’t look like an alcoholic.

10) ear plugs. if you actually want to sleep.

If you have any tips you’d like to add to the list please comment!


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